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Behind the Lens

I discovered my love of photography pretty much by accident. At first, all I wanted was to take cute shots of my dogs to share with friends. And, although my Kodak was up to the challenge, I wasn’t. And, while I’d like to blame it on a lack of pixels in that first camera, know the real defect was with the photographer.

But with a little practice, some more practice and then a whole bunch more practice (thank goodness for digital cameras as the cost of film alone would have sunk me) I gradually developed my own style, learned about composition and figured out what made up a good picture.

My friends went from jumping out the nearest window at the very mention of photos, to asking to see them. The day a neighbor asked me to take pictures of her family reunion was when I finally thought to myself, “Hey self - there might be something to this photography stuff.” That’s when I decided I wanted this to be something more than a hobby and started Blue Door Photography.  

Why Blue Door? Because a photo should capture your heart and imagination - just like the anticipation of walking through a door to the other side.

Nothing makes me happier than to take a photo that captures a moment in time to embody the emotion of the day.

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432 Coventry Way

Smithville, NJ

Tel: 609-748-7440

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